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    I’m so happy!!! :D Especially since Umechan lost out to Yuka last time (and rightly so, Yuka was awesome).

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  2. Dream5 + Buri Taicho  「Dan Dan Dubi Zuba!」 with μ’s & Kasai Tomomi & Sarah Àlainn (MUSIC JAPAN 2014-10-19)

  3. with Marshmallow♡

    with Marshmallow♡

  4. Kasai Tomomi - Ima sara sara (Music Japan 2014.10.20)
    .ts file is downloadable on Vimeo

  5. 河西里音  「姉妹Lunch★」

    河西里音  「姉妹Lunch★」

  6. ネイルUP


  7. [Fancam] Kasai Tomomi’s live performance at the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Fuchu City commemorating event

    Overture → youtube
    1 Masaka → youtube
    2 Kietaikurai → youtube
    3 Ima sara sara → youtube
    Talk → youtube

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    #河西智美 #kasai tomomi #tomomi kasai

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  9. AKB48 (UZA) - 20140822 - OTODAMA SEA STUDIO 河西智美 | Facebook


    Tomo : *drinks water*

    Fans : Woooo~

    Tomo : *chokes* what kind of reaction is that? *lol*

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