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  2. 9/17 joqr 「Recommend」

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    Tomo-tomo reunion

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  4. 9/17 FM Shiga charge! (Guest: Kasai Tomomi)

  5. 9/17 joqr 「Recommend」

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    Shukan AKB Making #32-33 - “Cinderella!”

    While Sae and the rest of the Economy Class group make their long dreadful walk up the stairs of the Tokyo Tower, Tomomi and Sae decided to have some fun that includes Tomomi pretending to be Cinderella who lost her shoe as she goes on ahead while the ikemen Prince Sae tries to return the shoe to its owner. Eventually the others decided to play what looks like passing Cinderella’s shoe relay race. XD

    I laughed so much hearing Sae crying out “Cinderella! Your shoe! Cinderella!” and Tomo replies with “Ouji! Ouji!”

    But it was funnier when Yukirin and the others were like “Are they okay?” but then joined in the fun with each person picking up the shoe and going “Cinderella! Cinderella!”.

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  7. Program ID: lv193530138
    Program Title: 河西智美 4thシングル「今さらさら」発売記念 ~河西智美 One Question/One Answer~
    (Kasai Tomomi 4th Single 「Ima sara sara」 Release Commemorative Event ~Kasai Tomomi One Question / One Answer~ )

    Date: 2014.09.22 (Mon.)
    23:00 Kasai Tomomi’s live appearance (Q&A session)

    MC: Hoshino Takuya

    Broadcast link: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv193530138

    Note: Some parts of the program can be viewed only by premium members.

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